#Day 57: Too Lazy To Wake Up yeah? Think Not (June 14, 2015)

I had to literally stop myself from nodding in amazement as I listened to what my Sunday school kids had in their minds when I asked them to cite what they think are some big problems that we are facing right now. 

They mentioned about poverty, traffic, pollution—- which I think would really be some of the top problems that we have, but I was really amazed when two of my students mentioned about Laziness. 

Trying to process their answer, I realized that laziness is indeed a big challenge that we must overcome. 

There might be traffic perhaps because people might be too lazy to wake up early, and ended up rushing, wanting to be the first in the driveway, causing them to violate traffic rules and eventually, cause heavy traffic. How many of us our guilty here?

Laziness will also lead to pollution when we do not push ourselves to do waste segregation or look for garbage bins for our trash. 

And poverty? Yeah. Some people are just too complacent or would need a little more push to realize that we should overcome poverty by knowing our full potential and overcoming the tendency to just chill and relax all the time and just wait the apples fall from the sky. 

There is nothing wrong with chilling and relaxing but when these become habitual, these won’t bring any good. 

I remember Juan Tamad (John the Lazy), a Filipino collection of short stories about a young man who is too lazy to do things and ended up losing opportunities. (Links are provided below.)

Imagine asking the crabs to go by themselves back to their house and let them swam to the sea just because they are too heavy to carry? 

How do we overcome laziness and the feeling of wanting to just stay in bed?

Number one is to remember that God has given us talents that should not be put to waste. make the most of it to elevate yourself and to help the people around you. Number 2, review your lifestyle. You might be doing things that are not really healthy and will make you sleepy and weak. This I am kinda guilty of. Surfing the net or playing app games. And lastly, find in your heart the WILL to make things happen, set your heart into it and PUSH yourself. 

Pray that God will sustain your energy and that you will rebuke laziness. 
*photo and research credit to the websites below:



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