#Day 58: Its a Pizza Kind of Attraction (June 15,2015)

I know I have made myself clear last time that today, by all means, I’ll cut down on my food intake and exercise to make sure that I hit less than 60 kilograms. (Please see blog entry #Day53 ). 

I was actually doing okay during the earlier time but just before the day ended, our Big boss treated us over 2 boxes of pizzas and I just lost it. Yes. I had more than 1 slice and I am guilty of not keeping the promise I have made to myself. 

Opening a box of pizza is like opening a box of treasure. That’s the kind of atmosphere pizzas create to most people I know. 6 out of 8 people I asked around see pizza as their comfort food and there is a certain attraction that draws them to eating pizzas. The other 2 though mentioned that it is not healthy to eat pizzas. 

It might be true that pizzas are not healthy food but I guess having pizza from time to time in a way is also healthy because it strengthens camaraderie of a team and brings out togetherness as each member celebrates success of one another. In fact, from the regular 8 slices of pizzas, pizza houses came up with creative ideas on how more and more people will get to have a share of their pizza. We now have in the market squared-cut pizzas and the extra giant ones that can feed more than 20 people. And the more people who share the same pizza box, the happier the feeling is. 

I just wonder what was the feeling like for those people who were able to get a share of the 5 breads and 2 fish that Jesus fed to the 5,000.  This story is always a reminder that God makes all things impossible, POSSIBLE. And that he can make something extra-ordinary from the ordinary. 

Just like pizzas, our lives are creatively designed, molded, and flavored by our creator—a lot of people may like us, others may not at all, but we still live because we have a purpose and today, pray that God will open your eyes and make you realize of the plans he had for you. 

Happy day! 


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