#Day 59: Long Live the Pancit (June 16,2015)

One cuisine that would always be present in all Filipino celebration is pancit (pansit) and today, we had an overflow of Pancit as we did post celebration of my officemates’ birthday and pre-celebration of my birthday. 

I would say that pancit is almost a complete meal. There’s carbohydrates because of the noodles, protein because of the meat and even vitamins because of the vegetables. It’s cost-effective too as the ingredients are cheaper compared to pastas plus more people get to have a serving of the pancit. 

In the Philippines, most people believe that pancit brings longer life as represented by the looooong strands of the pancit noodles that’s why there’s pancit in almost all occasions. As for me though, I eat pancit because I like the taste of it. Period. I still believe that long life depends on God’s plan for us. And as we wake up everyday, uncertain of what might happen, we just have to fully trust in God and enjoy life, making it meaningful everyday. 

Today, take time to feel where God is leading you and open your heart to His plans. 



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