#Day 60:Why Rain Can be Blessings Too (June 17,2015)

When we fall into various trials, testing your faith produces patience. — this is one of my favorite Bible verses which is lifted from the book of James. 

Today after a looooong, hot summer, it finally rained and in a way, lighten my mood. Yes. While extreme rains bring out bad memories from time to time, especially in the Philippines where we are usually visited by heavy outpour of rains and typhoons, I can say that rain still is a blessing that we should still be thankful for. 

Rain, as in the physical rain aids farmers with water sources, brings out ions that are helpful in the environment 
and yes, highlights the Bayanihan  spirit of the Filipino people and our creativity as well. Rain may cause flood but it is during this situation that we see Filipinos care for fellow Filipinos and readily extend hand to each other. People make boats out of recyclable materials just to pull off everything. 

The metaphoric rain on the other hand which may refer to problems, challenges and difficulties are also blessings as these usually give us experiences that mold us into becoming better and better every day. 

No matter how difficult your life situation is, always remember that there is a way out. You are given this rain because he is preparing you for something better and while you wait for your rainbow to appear, find time to lay down everything to God who blesses us with rains of joy, hope, peace and love. 
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