#Day 61: You are so much Loved—A Birthday Shout out to You (June 18,2015)

I have to admit that this blog entry is kinda late. I was supposed to write my reflections every day before the days end, but I am guilty that sometimes it gets to be delayed for some reasons. 

And this entry is not not an exemption. I have been trying hard last night to think for a good topic to write about for my #Day 61-Thursday entry but I ended up getting more and more discouraged as I can’t remember any good memory I had until I checked my Viber and saw my friend’s good morning message and so this entry goes out to my friend, Jennelyn Who turned a little older last Thursday, June 18.

How we met was kinda magical in a way. We were brought together by our love for two authors we follow in Wattpad– anjsmykynyze and skylierreyes and the rest is history. 

I am thankful to the Lord that I have met a wonderful friend that even if we have not met each other I feel so at peace with her. We share a lot of common interests together from the shows we watch to the artists we follow and even to the “love story” we have. 

Mass media sometimes highlights all the negative things that social media bring such as fraudulent businesses and women who got victimatized by guys they met over the net, but I am happy that despite all of these, Jen is someone that I will surely keep. 

People come and go in our lives, but whoever we meet, there will always be a reason behind. So today, if you feel like burneded by people around you— officemates, classmates, schoolmates, find a good reason to appreciate that person and pray for him/her. And yes, happy birthday to you bhest Jen! Here’s to our friendship! Special shout out to rubi Bantillo too who turned a year older last June 10 and whom we share the same friendship with Jen. 


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