#Day 62: Here’s to the Man of my Dreams (June 19,2015)

I have been very vocal for the past 16 years of my life that I am so much of a Westlife fan (and they are my dream guys) to the point that my yahoo mail is elydiabryan, my pad’s name is elydiareyemcfadden and one of my wattpad stories is entitled And I Kiss Brian Goodbye. And even now that they have disbanded, I still dream of flying to Ireland someday and who knows, meet them in person. 

There’s this man though that I have met 20 years ago who have captured my heart and as I get to know him more and more, I dreamed that maybe someday, I would meet someone like him, not necessarily have him in my life but someone who can be a living inspiration to the Filipino people, someone who would stand up for his belief, would fight for a greater good and would shake the world in a peaceful and revolutionary manner, someone who reaches out to people and would have so much love for the country. 

Yes, he is the man, no other than our national hero Jose Pepe Rizal. 

My love for Pepe even deepened as I learned more of his life in Howie Severino’s I-Witness features and Ambeth Ocampo’s Rizal Without the Overcoat. I came to realize that Pepe is just like us, we make mistakes but we stand up, we dream high and we are capable of doing something great. 

Today as Pepe celebrates his birthday, let us be reminded of our calling as one nation. We are born Filipinos because this is part of God’s bigger plans for us. 

Think of ways on how you can be the modern Rizal and be the dream guy and girl of someone else. 


*cover credits to Jen B.


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