#Day 63: Saturday Afternoon Musings (June 20, 2015,Saturday)

My Saturday afternoon is usually spent at home. I either help my mom with her visual aids (for she is a teacher), watch the longest variety show in Philippine TV (Yes, Eat Bulaga has been running for more than 3 decades now) or try to sleep for the whole afternoon, but today though, I had to tweak my routine and extended extra hours to attend to Southville’s high school recognition (www.southville.edu.ph). 

I have to admit that I miss those times when I would also get up on stage to receive my awards and working in a school brings nostalgia from time to time especially when I would identify myself with some of the students— young, passionate, hopeful, dreamers…

Being a consistent awardee back when I was still a student was something that I really owe to my parents who have been the source of my inspiration and ofcourse to God who has given me the will and the wisdom to push and persevere and whose grace is sufficient for all my needs. 

Today as I reminisce my student days, I am also grateful to everyone, apart from my family, who served as my support system in times when I felt giving up or not moving forward anymore. There truly is strength and stability in the unity of differences and I am blessed to have blended with all of the people around me. 

To all my readers who are yet to finish their studies, always remember this— my dad’s words of wisdom: 

If you lose today, stand up and win again. 

So cheers and enjoy studying.  Savor every moment and dream big.  Do not get discouraged if you fail but rather take your failures as inspirations to do better the next time. 

Lastly, learn how to manage your time. Seize every moment and make every second counts. 
Picture credit to http://advancedlifeskills.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Personal-Achievement 


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