#Day 64: Here’s to my Superhero (June 21,2015,Sunday)

Today as the world celebrates Fathers’ day, I would like to take this chance to give tribute to my superhero here on earth, my wonderful dad, a blessing from my Big Father above. 

Here’s for you dad. This is supposed to be up last week but well, better late than never they say. 


I will always be thankful to you o God

Because you have given me a great dad 

Someone who encourages me to always shine 

Believes in me and makes me feel fine. 

There are times we don’t understand each other 

But we always end up laughing over petty matters 

You have become my inspiration 

To persevere, dream high and pursue my passion. 

Now that I’m turning 28

I know I won’t be able to make it without our team 

You, mom, Ferdie and I 

Will always be together to fly. 

I declare God’s blessings to you 

Long life, joy, and love as well too 

Thank you for being my super hero

I owe a lot to you. 


I love you dad. 


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