#Day 65: Officially 28 (June 22, 2015, Monday)

Today, June 22 is Lee Min Ho’s birthday and as he celebrates his birthday, I also celebrate my being officially 28, and yes I have nothing but a thankful heart to my savior Jesus Christ who has been my source of everything. 

For the past years, through my ups and downs, I have always seen God’s hands working in my life and no matter how faltering my heart would be from time to time, God has always been with me pulling me back to his arms. 

And to him, this day I offer. 

Dear God, 
The past 28 years have been a blissful journey for me 

In all the challenges I have had, it’s your mercy I always see

Your grace is sufficient and your love is everlasting 

And all I wanna do is dance and sing. 

I don’t know what lies ahead 

But I put my full trust in you instead 

Take me to your loving arms 

And let me shine for you and through you from time to time. 

As i continue walking with you

Please give me the wisdom to be able to pursue

Witnessing for your love And  sharing the good news 

So more and more people will win and not lose. 

Your not so young child, 



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