#Day 66: We’re All in this Together (June 23,2015,Tueaday)

Today right before my eyes, I have witnessed compassion in action as we brought to the hospital my boss due to an emergency. 

I had first aid training back in high school but it was totally different when you are faced with an emergency at hand. Thank God for the presence of mind and for the people who run right away so we can cross the street smoothly and get medical help in due time and as of this writing, he is in a far better shape now, as healthy as before. 

This day’s emergency has proven that we can really do all things through Christ who gives us strength and he uses people to make us realize that we are all connected and alone, we can’t do everything. Had I been alone then, I for sure won’t be able to carry my boss on my back, even if I use wheelchair or stretcher. 

Yes, there are times that we need to be alone so we can get peace in solitude and discover our inner selves. But we have to recognize the fact that we complement each other and we are meant to work with a team. 

To you readers who find difficulty working with other people, here’s the thing, 

—— You are in your workplace because of a reason and that reason is for you to shine and witness for God. People might minsuderstand you but you will overcome. What matters is you share what you have and testify. 

We are all in this together. 
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