#Day 67: Birthday Celebration 2.0 (June 24,2015,Wednesday)

Two days passed my birthday and yet I am still receiving a lot of birthday greetings from all over the world, including Ireland, well in my dreams, but yes, friends I’ve met over the course of 28 years are still sending me messages. 

I am so much in awe of all the birthday greetings and thank you messages of how I mean to them and in a way touch their hearts. 

While it is true that June 22 is my birthday, I want to take this chance to tell the universe and all the stars out there that I have another born day that is more significant and more fulfilling and that’s when I have given my life to my savior Jesus Christ, 15 years ago and surrendered everything to him. 

My journey with Jesus is not all smooth but yes, I have been always ️grateful that I came across that radio program over 702 Dzas and accepted Jesus in my life. 

My birthday, well, my reborn day is December 18,2014 which I will also celebrate pretty soon. You are all invited. And just before you leave this page, let me share to you my life story which is my first blog post entry. 

How I got Reborn again
Do visit http://www.febc.ph



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