#Day 68: Marketing Myopia and Life Musings (June 25,2015,Thursday)

Today, I came across a marketing jargon for the first time and I was in awe how this jargon is so much like how sometimes some of us live our lives from time to time, focusing on ourselves alone and overlooking the needs of others. 

The jargon term—- marketing myopia.

The marketing myopia theory was originally proposed by Theodore Levitt. The theory states that marketers should look towards the market and modify the company and products accordingly rather than looking towards your own company, its potential and then catering the market. The needs of the market should receive first priority.  (http://www.marketing91.com/marketing-myopia/)

In layman’s term, with marketing myopia, marketers focus in promoting their own products rather than giving solution to the needs of the customers. 

In life, when we deal with problems or difficulties or in conflict with other people. we usually consider what we feel alone, what will make us in a better position, not considering that at times, we also have to evaluate that the other party is also bleeding, and perhaps, if we put ourselves to their shoes, We will be able to come up with action plans that will both benefit the parties concerned. 

Do you feel like you are always on the losing end? Or betrayed by the people you love? What about going around 360 degrees and really see what they feel. Maybe, just maybe you see that they too have a point. It doesn’t mean though that you blame yourself all the time, it’s just taking into consideration that when you are in a conflict, it is not only you who have reasons but the other party as well. 

Happy day today! Shine.
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