#Day 69: Frienship Made to Last (June 26,2015,Friday)

I first met Cecilia Alamares and Raissa Grace Diaz when I was 15. I didn’t get to hang out with them most of the time back in high school  because I was a home buddy, 13 years after though, despite of the time we didn’t talk or bond or eat out, or share a lot of ‘LOL’ memories together, our friendship that was founded with respect and and love for each other, is just overwhelming. 
Embracing them and talking to them just like the good old days was a memory for keepsake. Yes, We all have grown in weight as we all started concretizing our dreams, trying to reach our goals but nothing really big has changed. Their laughers are still melody to my ears, their gestures and body languages are still telling me that they will forever be my friends, and our friendship is made to last. 

Frienship is a beautiful gift from God. Imagine, 7 continents with billions of people across the world, you’ll meet random strangers at first, eventually get to know them and by God’s amazing hands, these people will become part of your lives—- friends. 

Yes. Friends— Cecile and Raissa, my friends with whom I share my life with, and as we take our separate journeys once again, I know that we will never get tired of loving each other, as our Frienship is now deepened by our faith in God and I guess that’s all what matters. 

If you have accidentally found this blog and you are in the middle of breaking down because you might be thinking that unlike me, you don’t have any one to call your friend, and you feel like the world has turned its back around you, think not. Jesus Christ is your friend, your savior and will never abandon you. Welcome him in your life and be friends. 

*** this goes out to my other girl friends with whom I have seen after a decade last month— Lodina Baldonado and April de Luna. You girls rock. 


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