#Day 70: From Brokenness into Something Great (June 27,2015,Saturday)

I was running the whole time after the character I was following the last time I watched  a theater play at Cultural Center of the Philippines and that was like four years ago so when a free ticket was given to me for a play Joseph the Dreamer, despite of the fact that I have known the story pretty well, I grabbed the opportunity to watch it for free and yes, I was in awe of the whole production.

The team was able to blend the story with humor and presented Joseph’s life in a manner that everyone will be able to identify himself/herself, someone who is broken or in pain will come out as someone great because God has big plans for everyone. 

Yes, I would say that the cast did a great job with the portrayal, especially my friend Iggy Ignacio, who gave the ticket by the way,  but what made  it extra special Is the fact that more than giving entertainment, the play was able to minister to the audience to the point that I really felt the presence of Jesus. And what God has done to Joseph, will also be done to us.


God will pull us up from brokenness and make us whole again  He will make us shine and stand up from from our weaknesses He has overcome the world and so we will rise Stronger, better, greater because we are his children  in His eyes.

*** And with the permission from Iggy, I am posting this video so you too will feel God’s love. If you are in a difficult situation now, never feel that you are abandoned because you will always be loved. Surrender all to God.


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