#Day 71:Sugar Overload (June 28,2015, Sunday)

When was the last time you spent your afternoon just sitting down, feeling the silence and yet overjoyed because you were with someone you love?

Mine was this afternoon when I had a cup of icecream not with any of my boyfriend (think of Westlife members here LOL) but with my mom who’ll be turning 55 tomorrow. 

The 20 minute icecream moment at a busy mall was so much a relief that  the DQ icecream was just a bonus because God has given me the time to just sit silently and yet feel the love of a mother as I recalled  about our great memories together. 

Yes, at the back of my mind, I am so grateful that I have a mom who corrects me when I am wrong, who pushes me to my potentials and who loves me just the way I am. 

Today as I looked at her eyes, I know she is also thinking of how a great Daughter I have been and perhaps thanking the Lord because I am her child (okay, I’m not being proud in here because she would always be so vocal of this ) but Tomorrow, in her birthday, I’d tell her that I am nothing without her, my mother who rebukes me whenever I am sliding down. My mother whose life is an inspiration to me. 

Try to recall that moment. In silence you find peace. In solitude, joy.


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