#Day 72: Make me wanna Hate You (June 29,2015,Monday)

Today is King of Ambition’s second to the last episode and I am pretty hopeful that it would still end good despite of the fact that one of the leads will die (according to my google source). Wikipedia.com tells us the story of Ha Ryu and Da-hae whose love for each other was tested by their own ambition and pride. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say.


The name Ha Ryu means “a child flown from heaven.” He was given this name by the nun who first found him in front of an orphanage; it came to her immediately the moment she saw his pure, innocent face. Ha Ryu’s life began in earnest when he first laid eyes on Da-hae at the orphanage. Ha Ryu was a simple boy who disliked chores; however, for Da-hae, there was nothing he would not do or any place he would not go. Whenever Da-hae cried, Ha Ryu became too restless to do anything. But when Da-hae was adopted, they had to part.

Ten years later, Ha Ryu runs into Da-hae again. He feels electrified and like he is losing his mind. Then and there, he swears that nothing will ever come between them again. He also promises himself that he will do anything and everything to make her happy until the day he dies.

photo credit to  http://asianwiki.com/images/0/0e/Queen_of_Ambition
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Da-hae is a bright young woman and Ha Ryu works day and night with all his strength to earn money to pay her university tuition abroad. No matter how tired he is, all he requires to be happy is Da-hae’s smile. But over time Da-hae changes. Ha Ryu thinks it cannot be permanent when he admires her beauty and sophistication, like a bright, shining star. Even when she frames him for a murder, he tries to understand her. However, when she loses their daughter, Eun-byul, he finally snaps and he cannot forgive her. Ha Ryu changes, too. His wrath erupts like a volcano because of the betrayal of his one true love and turns Ha Ryu into a beast. He, who was once a mere minion in a gang, makes his way to the top and becomes CEO of Baekhak Group, one of Korea’s leading companies.

“I will bring you down with my own two hands and put you back to where you first began. I will step on you and hurt you more than you can imagine,” he promises her and his bitter revenge against Da-hae, the woman he, for so long, loved more than life itself, begins… in the end Da-hae becomes the First Lady of Korea, then she is exposed for her crimes after she shoots and injures Ha Ryu. Ha Ryu then chases after her when Da-hae’s step brother escapes with her. He confronts Da-hae for killing his father and when she admits to it he tries to run her over. Ha-Ryu jumps in the away and then he and Da-hae are both hit by the car. Da-hae, still conscious, cries and apologizes to a severely injured Ha Ryu. Then they both pass out and end up in hospital beds.

photo credit to: http://upload.enewsworld.net/News/Contents/20130403/16472839
photo credit to: http://upload.enewsworld.net/News/Contents/20130403/16472839

They both imagine having conversations with each other when they were young and finally understand why they grew into the people they became. Ha Ryu wakes up from his coma only to find out Da-hae has died. Ha Ryu continues to live his life and ends the series back at the old house he, Eun-Byul, and Da-hae lived. He looks at the portrait Eun-Byul drew and thinks about all he has lost trying to pursue revenge.


I would admit that there were those nights that I really wanted to pull Da-hae’s hair, confront her and tell her to wake up and open her eyes so she would know how she became a monster over a period of time but I just can’t because I know deep down in her heart, she is just too broken.  In the story, Da-hae has no one to cry on, no one to talk to, she is always by herself, fighting her own struggle.

Today find time to pray for people who seem so overly confident of themselves or act like a bully, they might just be covering up the pain of their past that haunt them. extend a hand.

Here are some useful websites (yeah, useful) should you want to know more about the Korean Drama.





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