#Day 74: An Extraordinary Banana Friendship (July 2,2015)

It is believed that there are almost 1000 varieties of bananas across the globe and around 150 countries are into banana production, including my country, Philippines.

I personally like bananas. Eating bananas will always remind me of my wonderful grandmother who used to send me to school when I was in Grade 2. She would never forget to give me 2 bananas before I go to school, 1 was for me and the other one would be for my adviser.

Today though, apart from having bananas for dessert (fresh bananas, banana shake and banana split YEY), I have come to befriends with 5 “LIVING” bananas coming from Valenzuela, Batangas, Cagayan de Oro, Japan and to an unknown place somewhere in Metro Manila, and despite of the fact that we have not personally seen each other, the six of us would always  share meaningful conversations from time to time and as we talk freely about anything under the sun, I realized that friendship is not tested by how long you’ve been together but more of how you have become after meeting them.

Sky would always remind me of how to remain strong despite of challenges. She never gives up and continues to pursue her passion. She is selfless to the point of promoting my stories without expecting anything in return. She recognizes her friends’ strengths and giftedness, we share the same Chris Tomlin playlist, she has trusted me the moment we first met, even making me her page’s administrator,  and it is through her that I have met my bhest.

Bhest is someone who would brighten up your day. There will never be a dull moment with her. She makes sure that you feel that she loves you she sings, she designs and she is always around, giving her full self, her full time, her full everything,  We share sooo many things in common that sometimes I feel like she is my sister.

Bee on the other hand  would always make me realize that we will become better individuals after facing storms in our lives, that despite of challenges, we can all have our comebacks, with much better promises. Yes. She would also remind me of my faith and sometimes, unintentionally rebuke me in my ways. YES. She is my shrek, my weather girl, my bee.

Completing our group are our younger brothers Ferds and Clyde.

Ferds is someone who never gives up on love. No distance, nor space can stop him from pursuing the woman he loves. He is very honest of what he feels. He talks to you if he is free, he says he is tired if he is.  he drinks milk, and sleeps and plays COC and every time he calls me ate, I feel like we are really siblings.

Clyde is the busiest and the most talented of us all (although I know that God has given us equal talents but yes, Clyde is really gifted).  You need someone to sing? then its him. You need someone to make you smile? then its him. You need to read an unconventional story? then its him. You need to plan for a birthday surprise? then call him. He can run a show by himself, and yet, he still finds time to talk to us, his friends.

Together, we form our unconventional, extraordinary friendship. We started from Wattpad, then cross over to Viber and now to messenger.

I am pretty hopeful that we will stay strong as one and together, we will strengthen each other as one family.

and Today, I wanna take this chance to thank you guys for being part of my life. We will overcome.

Photocredits to: Bhest Jen



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