#Day 74:Wish upon a Star Wednesday Neh? (July 1,2015)

Birthday wishes are wishes we wish for when we blow our birthday candles.

Starting our July right is a month-ender birthday celebration sponsored by our HR department  to all the employees who celebrated their birthday in June.

I uttered a prayer of thanksgiving and wished for world peace (*wink) but kidding aside, I did pray not only for myself but of course to the institution where God placed me to be. I believe that God places us in our workplace because He has a plan and whatever that plan may be, I will fully surrender, including my other dreams that I am still praying for—— a published book, a radio program, and just before I reach 30, or at 30, or a month after I turned 30, lead a ministry that will help out of school youths or out of home kids, a ministry that empowers and shows God’s mercy for the youngs and while I wait for things to unfold, I’ll live one day at a time, living by His mercy and grace.

What do you wish for in your life? Oh well, you can PM me and let’s pray for it. Lift up to God the desires of your heart and He will lead the way.  #LifeThoughtsAndInspirations

Here’s a story worth reading



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