#Day 73: Star Studded Tuesday (June 30,2015)

Today is a star-studded Tuesday. —The son of a popular Filipino rapper who just enrolled in our school said hi to me, two Filipino local artists visited the campus and two Korean “VIPS”, one is a former Korean presidentiable and the other one, a Korean Broadcasting Station Producer, had a tour of the campus (which I personally did with matching autograph in there, see feature photo for details *wink).

What really made this day star-studded though was the fact that I had one of the best dinners of my lifetime with our birthday girl, my mom, who came with her signature orange Singapore shirt, her hair neatly fixed with her small black hair clip, with her smile shining brightly like a diamond (*insert lyrics of the song here. Hahhahaha.)

Yes. My mom, to some she might just be just any ordinary woman, but to me, she will always be a precious one.

Here’s a throwback entry I wrote for my mom for the Mother’s Day Celebration.


Again, to my mom, I know there are times that I can’t give my 24 hours to you and would be impatient from time to time, but I promise that I will love you till forever. Happy Birthday. Thank you for taking care of us and all the thousands of students you have had in the past years.


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