#75: A Bumble Bee Story (July 3,2015,Friday)

Messages are sent but not meaning. 

This is what I have learned in college as taught in our Communication Theory and early today, I got an epic reminder of this. 

Trying to be friendly to a 4-year old boy, I offered crayons and bond paper to a student to make the most of his time while waiting for his sister who is our student. He started drawing random lines and shapes and eventually played with his car. Later on, he started talking to me and telling stories about his Bumble Bee. 

Student: I have a Bumble Bee at home!

Me: wow. That’s good. What is the sound of a bumble be? Buzzzzzz. Buzzzz…. 

Student: *Looks confused and stared at me with his questioning eyes 

Me: buzzzzz… Buzz… 

Student: Confused still 

the mom came to the rescue and said—-

Ms. Elyds, Bumble Bee is from Transformers, Robot cars. 

Me: Eyes sparkled and realized that What I was saying was different from what the student was saying. 

I grabbed my iPad and googled images of Bumble Bee….


Often times miscommunication happens when we don’t go deeper  and we don’t really look into what the person is trying to say. It takes an open heart and not just hearing but listening to be able to understand each other. 

And so today, I take time to watch transformers (LOL), kidding aside, I’d remind myself to really look into the matter to understand the message to understand the people I talk too. 



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