#Day 76: Why Traffic can be a Blessing too (July 4,2015,Saturday)

Our call time was at 4:00pm. We left the house at 2:30. We got in the event late and missed the awarding ceremony of the tournament my dad organized today under the Global Youth a Chess Society Inc.

I don’t wanna blame it to traffic really, but when you look at it, our being late can really be attributed to traffic. Imagine how near is Muntinlupa to Las Pinas a City. If there was no traffic, we could have gone there in 30 minutes or less. But well, we could have left a little earlier to especially when I was already advised by a friend who used to work in Muntinlupa of the traffic. 

Well, missing the event was a sure missed opportunity to witness another milestone for a Global Youth but I still thank the traffic for that day because I managed to still do a lot of things:

1. Bond with my brother which we seldom do now because of our different work schedule 

2. Sleeeep which I super need 

3. Conceptualized new stories for my radio drama scripts 

4. Read a few parts of The Bible 

5. Played with a 1-year old child who was on the same Jeepney with us 

Simple things, yet great blessings. Yeah it was because of that traffic. Seeing traffic as a channel of blessing though doesn’t mean that the local government and MMDA should relent in implementing rules to address issues like this but it was more of a reminder to me and perhaps to you too my dear readers that it is always how we look at things that matters. If you’d be in a stressful situation, try to re align yourself and look at it at a different angle. See where is this leading you and how can you make the most of it. 

So yeah. Look at the things in a 360 degrees perspective and perhaps you’d say, it’s not bad at all. 


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