#Day 77: A Little More Kinder Every Day (July 5,2015, Sunday)

Our Sunday School session today posted a very challenging question not only to the kids we handle but to me and my co- teacher as well. 

* How will you make the whole world feel the presence of Jesus? 

Well, the answer is by being a little more kinder, a little more gentler and a little more like Jesus everyday and asking yourself what would Jesus do. In times when you are tempted, in times when you are angered, in times when you feel like giving up. It starts with ourselves, extends to our family and workplace or even in school, reaches out to other people and gets multiplied until the whole nation is shaken by God’s grace. It all starts within us and eventually doubles up to the ends of the earth. 

It all goes back to doing things that glorifies the Lord and making his presence felt, seen in how we live and bring people to Him. 

Today, take time to re-assess yourself, yeah, myself too. Am I becoming more and more Christ-like everyday? Or is it just in my dreams? #LifeThoughtsAndInspirstions 


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