#Day 78: The Power of Spoken Words (July 6,2015,Monday)

Around 45 minutes after declaring that the story of one of my favorite wattpad authors will be at the number 1 spot, I got a message from her  that her story made it to number one and we were both in awe of the good news. 

There is no doubt that her story is good and she is an exemplary writer but what really amazes me is the fact that yes, Spoken Words (although in my case it was more of a written declaration because I claimed it via chat) is indeed powerful.  Our words create impact to the people we talk to. We can speak healing, of good things, of joy, of forgiveness, of love— we can make or break someone with what we say, or post or chat. 

Yet, I believe that spoken words are also null if the person we talk to does not have an open heart to receive the declaration especially if the person creates a wall around her or him. 
This works both negatively and positively. Positve in a way that if negative things are thrown to you, you protect yourself and shun them off, however, if for example you are bruised and someone would tell you you will be healed, and you didn’t receive the declaration, and you just succumb to the pain, then I don’t think healing will take place. 

So what’s the point in here? 

Point 1: SPEAK of Great things. 

For parents, speak of blessings. For teachers speak of wisdom, for managers speak of growth.  For you and me, and for everyone,  Speak of encouragement, joy, inspiration, love. 

POINT 2: Be open to blessings and protect yourself from the negative things people throw to you. 

If people say you can’t make it, prove them wrong, if they say you are a loser, then win the game, if they see you as nothing, then think not. You are created wonderfully, with talents that will make you shine. We commit mistakes, we fall, but that do not make us less compared to others. 

Be a source of blessing today. Cheers! 

As for me and my author friend, I am glad that we complement each other.  So happy to meet someone like Ms. Anj. I might have declared the number 1 spot but her heart and her faith nailed it. 

Congratulations ms. Anj! 


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