#Day 79: Good Morning Princess Sunshine (July 7,2015,Tuesday)

it has been raining for the past days and yeah, I admit that I usually don’t like rains. Every time it rains, I am more vulnerable to my   sinusitis attack. And once I have the attack it would last for more than a week. 

Today though I am thankful that apart from the literal rain, i have been receiving rains of blessing including meeting wonderful people who bring joy and sunshine to my life, one of them is my adopted sister, Jemilyn. 

I first met Jem through a group chat of our favorite story. We were really not that close at first but her positive attitude about life has made me admire her, seeing myself in her back when I was a fresh graduate– hopeful, positive, excited although she is more  strong-willed and I think passionate with life compared to me when I was at her age. She applied for work from Pampanga to Metro Manila by herself or maybe with some friends. When I applied for jobs before, I was with my mom or brother  or any of my relative. (LOL)

And when Jem finally found the job, I was so surprised when I got a message from her that she nailed it. And her message made my day a little brighter as I was having A bad day then. she reminded me to always have a ️grateful heart of everything. 

Tomorrow, she will be turning 20 and I am excited myself as to what life has to offer to my sister Jem. Whatever that is, I know Jem will seize the moment and excel. I will always be thankfu that she has become one of my friends.


Jem, my sister from another planet (LOL) you are always in my prayers. As I told you before, you are like my sister I never had. I hope we can meet in person but if opportunity doesn’t allow us to, rest assured that you will always have me here, your big sister who loves you and cares for you. Happy birthday our sunshine. 

Your JEMFER President- ate elyds 
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