#Day 81: Calculated Risk (July 9,2015,Thursday)

How many squares does a chessboard have? 

Just before you answer 64, think otherwise. There’s a bigger square and if you combine the smaller squares you produce bigger squares. 

In life, we are faced with so many options and things that we need to consider before finalizing a decision. Often, we are faced with the challenge of facing risks. 

People say if we want to make it big, we have to take calculated risks,  meaning we sail the ocean and be ready of what lies ahead, equipped with solutions to problems that may arise. 

I believe though that not all risks are worth taking. Just like what I did today. 

We are supposed to attend an external seminar sponsored by the company  I work for but since it’s raining pretty hard, we had to call up the organizer and request for other seminars that we can attend in the future. Yes, attending the seminar will give personal growth in a way but we’d never know if we could still go home after the event. 

Here’s a quick guide on taking calculated risks:

1. List down both positive and negative things that may be the offshoot of the decision you will make. 

2. Ask around. Talk to people who know you more. If possible do research especially if you’ll start a new business. 

3. Know your limits. If you have heart problems, then why do Bungee jumping? Unless you get clearance from your doctor, then stay away from extreme sports.

4. Pray about it. Ask God for wisdom.

5. Feel your heart and if you feel confident with what you are to take, then fly. Take that calculated risk. 

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