#Day 84: Sundate with Daniel P over KFC Chicken Pizza (July 12,2015,Sunday)

Today, it felt like I had dinner With Daniel Padilla after finally, I gave in to my cravings for Chicken Pizza. 

Well, I’d say that it has satisfied my taste buds, the cost is reasonable and KFC’s re-packaging of pizza is commendable. 

And yes, the wait is worth it especially that it took me more than an hour to place my order online as the net was soooo slow. 

I thank God for the instant gratification after taking one slice of the pizza and it has sustained me for the wee hours as I worked on encoding some stuff. 

In life though, not all the things that we crave for are given to us right away. There are things in life that we have to sacrifice or re-consider. Not all give us instant gratification, sometimes it takes hours, days, months, years or a thousand generation before it materialize. Sometimes when we are too focused chasing after our cravings, we overlook other opportunities that are given to us. 

Pray for God’s provision today and for you to have an open heart to things that He is giving you.  Don’t get discouraged. Do your best and let God take control. 


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