#Day 85: From Deadma to Seen Zone to Whatever (July 13,2015,Monday)

I’ve finally met them, saw them in person, toured them around Southville and  made the child undergo admission. 

I started communicating with  Mrs. Blessings (not her real name) last  year and we’ve been exchanging several emails to ensure that everything will be taken care of before they leave Middle East. And today, by God’s grace they found their way to our school and underwent the admission process. 

Answering email inquiries has been part of my work routine for the past years. I have assisted several families coming from abroad (Filipinos and Expats) because of email. And I believe this does not only apply to schools but also to other industries. Email is an important tool to make stakeholders feel that their concern is taken care of.

Not all the time though, our messages are sent across email, some would go to the spam while others are not sent, not read or intentionally not given attention to—- in short, the email was read but no action was taken. This is also true to other online communication platforms such as Facebook and Viber, perhaps the reason why from DEADMA (slang Filipino term) zone, they came up with SEEN ZONE and READ ZONE. 

This in a way prods people who receive messages to reply, there is a sense of urgency, or guilt, that you have read them and you didn’t do anything. While the purpose of “monitoring” is good, not all the time it builds relationship. There are instances that the SEEN Zone and READ zone gives a negative message of whatever or I don’t care and the party who sent the message at times feels rejected, depending on how he/she perceives things.  

Here’s a thing for those who would always get the Seen zone message, do not expect people to reply right away. Perhaps they need time to answer your messages, perhaps the messenger is just open, perhaps the person was just surprised that you sent a message, whatever that is, be a little more understanding and considerate. After all, it is still their choice to reply to us or not. Well, not all will like as or appreciate us, but that don’t make us less. God created you wonderfully so stay as wonderful as possible even if others treat you otherwise. 

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