#Day 86: Super Sulit (Affordable) Calamares (July 14,2015,Tuesday)

I was caught in the act and there was no way of hiding it.


My nine pesos made my day even brighter as I ended my Tuesday walking home with dad and sharing with him my Calamares (squid rings usually sold in the streets here in the Philippines), despite of the fact that he doesn’t like eating such. 

My parents have always warned us to as much as possible not to buy Calamares, fishball and other street food because we are not sure if it’s clean plus it’s not healthy. But there are times that I would still buy (sometimes with my brother) especially if my tastebuds would crave for it, including today. and yes, my dad saw me eating one stick and got one squid ring, telling me that he wanted to lessen the bacteria that I might get. Kidding aside, my dad’s gesture is a reminder for me that yes even if I’m already old, my parents love me and care so much for me.

This truth has helped me with my work especially when there would be times that I would have to do a little advising with some college students and help them out, those who are experiencing misunderstandings with their parents. It is true that our experiences make us wiser and better, eventually, empower us to empower others. 

Today, as I end my day, I thank God for the nine peso Calamares that I bought. That more than satisfying my tastebuds, I have spent quality time with dad. 
Note: Sulit—— is filipino word that means worth the cost or money spent 

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