#Day 87: Smile, Smile, Smile (July 15,2015,Wednesday)

Today, I am declaring that the convenient store I went to earlier today will prosper and will triple its current earning. 

This is just to show how happy I am with my experience buying stuff at a convenient store which offers Middle East and other Asian food Products at reasonable costs. 

Waiting for my dad, I had to buy Sprite to perk me up but rather than buying drinks alone, the cashier’s sweet, sincere and welcoming smile and customer service made me buy their sandwich. She is the only one manning the store and it impressed me that even if she is just one, perhaps she is already tired, reporting the whole day, she still managed to see me as a customer even if I only bought soft drinks at first. 

Being the writer that I am, I got the chance to talk to her (you know to get inspirations or maybe to inspire her) and the more that I admired her positive attitude about life and her work. She was all smiling while explaining to me the products that they have. Perhaps, she had customer service 101 with her boss but still, I would say that it’s her positive attitude about her work that makes her exemplary. 

It is not wrong to rant from time to time (as long as you have to manage your emotions) but I guess if we give our hearts into our work and think of it as a way of worshipping God, works become easier. That no matter how heavy or challenging it is, it becomes enjoyable, just like what the cashier did today. 

Smile. Smile. Smile—- genuinely.  That will lighten your load, brighten other people and glorify God. 

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