#Day 90: At Long Last—Relentless Takes a Bow, Sails to Something Big (July 18, 2015, Saturday)

“I woke up with a smile reminiscing what a blissful night I had with George. The fireworks display was kind of ordinary from what I would usually cover as a reporter during New Year’s Eve but it was made extra-special with George by my side holding my hand and I know, just like me, he uttered a silent prayer of thanksgiving for the second chance for us to make things work.”

This is an excerpt of my just completed story, Relentless and I am so much in awe that finally, after 10 thousand years (okay it’s just after 1 month and 2 weeks) I have started updating the story and by God’s grace, my inspiration is just overflowing that I finished conceptualizing even the special chapters which I will still have to work on.

It has always been my dream to publish my own book. I always see myself being a children’s storybook author but never did it cross my mind that I’ll be writing a spiritual-romance type of story. But I guess, if God is at work in you, He will empower you to do things which you think is impossible.

Today, I joined the Wattys2015 contest, carrying my first Wattpad story, Relentless. I am not so sure if I’ll make it big but I am putting my trust in Him. Joining the contest is by mere accident. He has used fellow authors to encourage me to join. And who knows, perhaps He has a bigger plan for this story. I am crossing my finger. Here’s a link to the story—https://www.wattpad.com/story/30125623-relentless

Dont forget to drop by, leave your comments, vote and share the story too! God bless you.


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