#Day 91: Burn Out? Listen to your Heart (July 19,2015, Sunday)

At 28, apart from being a part time radio drama scriptwriter, I have only worked in two companies, 1 was back when I was in college while the 2nd one is the current company where I am connected with. 

I am thankful to the Lord that for the past 7 years, I have been enjoying where I am right now. God has given me the heart to surpass whatever the challenges i have had. 

This is my realization today as I spoke with a friend, a fresh grad, now in her 1st month of working, as she tells me of her predicament whether to stay in the company or resign. 

For those who are experiencing burn out just like my friend, here are some tips that you can consider— D.R.E.A.M.

1. Determine what you really want in your life. If the job you are in right now doesn’t lead you in that dream, then reconsider letting go. 

2. Remember why did you apply for the job. Finding meaning to where you are right now will help you appreciate your work while you are still connected with the company. 

3. Engage in other activities that can lighten the load such as reading books, newspapers, wattpad stories, drawing, writing, etc. 

4. Ask help from people who know you well and let them know of your situation. Sometimes all you need is someone to listen and understand. 

5. Make your work as a form worship. Workload lightens if you bear in mind that God, our big boss placed you in that situation because he believes in you. Trust in him and pray about the decisions that you’ll make. 

Photo credits to http://stewbell.com/?p=436


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