#Day 92: Her Grateful Heart (July 20,2015, Monday)

just before the day ends, a student came to my office and introduced herself— we have finally met after being in touch via mobile for more than a month. I was the one who assisted her with her admission and answered all her queries, the funny thing though is that we didn’t get to see each other until today. 

She hugged me with all her gratefulness and that made my somewhat tiring Monday something to be thankful for.  You see, Monday is my busiest day and her gesture reminded me that in a way, I’m doing a pretty good job. 

Today, take time to show someone that you appreciate him/her—-say thank you to your house helper who makes sure that your house is clean and presentable, sales lady at a convenient store who oftens smile even if she is tired, your company security guard who stands the whole day to keep you safe, the gasoline boy who offers free car service while you wait for your full tank, waiter who delivers your food fresh and appetizing, and a lot of ordinary people who make living extra ordinary. 

To others, I might just be someone whose role is to assist them with their enrollment, but to Sofia (not her real name) i guess I am someone who has touched her life. 

Always be grateful. It doesn’t take so much effort to say thank you. Utter your words of thanksgiving today. 

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