#Day 93: Giving Up and Starting Anew (July 21,2015, Tuesday)

The MOA I have been working on for almost a week has finally been signed today, fifteen minutes past 6pm. Had I stopped from following up and perhaps got discouraged, then maybe the transaction would still be open until now. 

There are things in life that we should really fight for and seal the deal even if we are faced with sooo many bumpy roads– for students it would be finishing your studies, for writers, writing down the storylines, for teachers, creating impact to the lives of the students, to the President, running the country in all honesty and transparency and so forth.

There are fights though that I guess are not worth fighting for and giving up is the only option. When we give up, it doesn’t mean that we stop but rather we re-channel our Efforts to things that are better for us, that would create a more positive change not only to ourselves but even to the people around us. Once you have given your full everything, you prayed about it, and it seems like nothing’s happening, then maybe God has other plans for you. 

I remember when I was in college, I was elected in three top positions in which I was a member of. I was asked to choose 2 and live the other organization. At first I really wanted to fight for my right. I mean, the student body elected me, the members nominated me, but then I realized that if I’d be staying in 3 positions all at the same time, then I would perhaps sacrifice one of them in terms of performing my functions. 

Look within you and see which fights are you still fighting for that are not worth your time and energy. 

Are you deeply in love with someone who has his/her own family already? Give up. —– That is not love. Don’t ruin a family. 

Are you trying to get revenge with someone who has hurt you? Give up. —- Getting even will deepen your pain. 

Are you spending most of your time being better against the person you are envious about? Give up. —– do not be insecure with other people. You are a masterpiece yourself. Excel because you have the capacity to do so and not because you wanted to prove that you are better than the person you envy. 

Give up fights that lead you astray. Surrender to God. 

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