#Day 94: Two Heads are Better than One (July 22,2015,Wednesday)

With less than 10 months prior to 2016 Presidential election, we once again witness the sudden shifting of some leaders— from becoming an ally to another, from being in a political coalition to being independent, from being in the administration party to the opposition. Every day, there is a change of heart and hopefully the change of heart of our leaders is for the better and not for their own sake alone.   

Being in a group where you share the same passion and love, including political parties, is something that people really look for. Two heads are better than one, when you collaborate with people, and you understand each other, you make works more enjoyable and easily done, just what happened today. 

I was able to close the things that I was supposed to finish because of the support of my officemate. Even if we have differences and we do not have the same likes and dislikes, Ms. Clara, who is a korean, and I,closed the deals. And as much as possible, in everything that we do, we open up our hearts for each other. 

This is actually what my prayer is for my country. As the election nears, I pray that our leaders will have an open communication and understanding. That even if they do not come from the same political party, they will be one in leading Philippines to its glorious days. 


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