#Day 96: Why I Play Chess (July 24,2015,Friday)

 I play chess when I am forced to 

 I play chess when I have nothing else to do 

 I play chess when I am required to 

But more than anything else, I play chess because that’s what My heart tells me to.


I have this love and hate relationship with playing chess. I learned how to play the game when My dad taught me. I was in grade 1 then and playing chess was fascinating. A year after though, I had to move to my grandma and for a year, stopped playing chess. From then on, I would just play chess from time to time and whenever I would be required to. I was even surprised myself when I was able to lead my college team and ranked 3rd for a team chess tournament. 

Today, after months of not playing, I was “forced” to play again and yes,  I won the game. I don’t know what’s in me but I guess, if you really start something at a young age, that’s gonna last “forever.” Same thing goes to planting the seed of faith to the young ones. We might think that they are still young and they won’t understand but we have to know that at any age, God is at work in our lives, so speak and live your faith and let your faith shine through. 

And as for playing chess,I guess it’s just here, yeah, I just don’t find time to focus but I have it with me and soon I’ll shine too. 

Do visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Global-Youth-Chess-Society-Inc/293578294124621 for future chess events. 

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