#Day 97: Falling In Love with The Phenomenal Love Team-Aldub and the Ampalaya Monologues (July 25,2015, Saturday)

There is no doubt that the Alden Richards and Yaya Dub tandem (Aldub) has gone a long way over less than a month and has become a phenomenal love team, trending in almost all social media sites, with their videos being downloaded and reposted for more than a thousand times, being the talk of the town even of our Kababayans abroad. 

This could be attributed to 3 reasons, based on the survey I made via Facebook (Thanks to everyone who have participated) — Eat Bulaga has started it, Alden is a popular actor while Yaya Dub is Philippine’s Dubsmash Queen and lastly, they have chemistry and the spark that they have is just contagious. But I guess, I would really agree to what my friend Chell mentioned.

What made them big is the fact that both Alden and Yaya Dub have no inhibitions in what they do and they give it their best shot, they are not “maarte” and their passion to their craft is overflowing. 

Passion is something that I think we should all have, having this stirs what’s inside of us and there’s this special effect that people see in us and that even if we are pre-occupied with a lot of things, we still go back to where our hearts call us. 

Two people I know of who are so passionate about their craft are Mark Ghosn and Yanyan Gervero, founding members of TAP. 

TAP! (Theater in Alternative Platforms) is a contemporary independent theater group from Las Piñas City. They offer a new theater experience by marrying the concept of performance art and mobility.

 TAP! creates a whole new performance arena, penetrating the southern metro via its bars, restaurants, galleries, coffee shops, parks, art venues, etc. They are strongly grounded on the principle of bringing theater in unexpected venues while still retaining its value as an art form.

Come August 30, they will be showcasing Ampalaya Monologues—–A gathering of south-based poets, actors and musicians. Ampalaya Monologues will feature short 1-3 minute monologues about Love and Bitterness. It also features LAPIS ArtComm, a group of spoken word poets from the south, and acoustic artists Chasing Deadlines, and Ria of Paramita, also from the south. 

For details, pls contact my friend Mark Ghosn, 0905-558-1800, markghosn@gmail.com or visit https://www.facebook.com/AmpalayaMonologues

Both ALDUB and my friends Mark and Yanyan are passionate with their crafts and I hope you too dear readers. After all, our works are gifts from God and today, make your work a form of worship. Don’t get discouraged and put your heart into it. Shine! 


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