#Day 104: Bad Day? Sleep—It Helps (August 1,2015)

As I welcome August 2015 today, I thank God for giving me time to sleep, more than 8 hours which most people say is the advisable number of hours to sleep.

To be able to sleep is a gift, a blessing that revitalizes—giving us the rest that our body needs and at the same time, the opportunity to renew, think and dream.

Today, as you wake up in the morning, thank the Lord for a good sleep that he has given you and pray for people who at times cannot sleep because of brokenness. Extend a listening ear to your officemates or classmates who seem distant and agitated, most of the people who lack sleep are easily irritated and rarely smile, perhaps they need someone to talk to, someone who will listen to them. Help them find a reason to live and enjoy God’s goodness.


photo credit to https://www.pinterest.com/ergoflexuk/inspirational-sleep-quotes/


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