#Day 99: Blissful Brainstorming —The Joy of Working with Wonderful People (July 27, 2015, Monday)

Today is just so amazing. It started pretty early as I head to school “excited” to what lies ahead (especially that it is during Mondays that “big” things happen) and ended the day productively as my colleagues and I finished our meeting 2 hours earlier than what we set.


Coming up with great plans through brainstorming can sometimes be a little stressful especially if you are with people who do not share the same passion as yours. And this is why I feel blessed working with where I am now, Southville. The people are great, talented, and yet, they give importance to what your thoughts are and open themselves to ideas that are worth taking.


As we capped the night, we have identified some big projects and our hearts are all set to make things happen. For sure, we will be experiencing challenges but I am confident that we can all do all things through Christ who gives us strength.


Working in a team is not all smooth sailing. Try to evaluate how you deal with people around you. Are you the type of person who builds a team or is your presence a struggle for some?


As Christians, we build relationships. We bridge the gap. We help people who are in need. Let us not be selective but rather reach out “to the ends of the earth.”
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