#Day 100: Commitment and Why you should not Give Up (July 28, 2015, Tuesday)

As I marked my 100th post for “Blessings”, I have nothing but thanksgiving for being able to sustain this—-continuously updating of my blog.
I remember starting this blog in 2013 and it would take me months before I made my update. Yes I was busy too then, but I guess, what really hindered me from updating was that I didn’t have enough commitment to keep going unlike the Koreans I met early July who were so strong-willed and dedicated with what they do. 

Today, we have finally closed the deal with the Koreans and hopefully, the partnership will bring positive outcome to both organizations.

Commitment is a vast word and being committed to something we’ve started becomes a challenge especially if we have so many things on our plate and we do not know which ones to prioritize first. 

What I learned about these Koreans is that commitment means pursuing what your end in mind is— meaning you go back to the main reason why you started doing a particular thing. Their end in mind is to seal the partnership with us, so even if they were turned down initially, they did not stop until we ink the deal. 

If you feel discouraged of some tasks assigned to you, try to recall what made you apply for the company where you work for. If you are part of your church ministry and you are having a hard time balancing your time then look back on why you have signed up for that particular ministry. If you feel tired and on the verge of giving up, then commit yourself to renewing your life to Jesus who has committed his life to us. 
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