#Day 101: Random Epic Moments (July 29,2015,Wednesday) 

Today is just a regular day made memorable by random people I do not personally know whose random “Actions” brightened up my day. 

At 28, one new parent thought that I was a working student, together with my 2 other officemates who are much younger than me. I wonder, do I just look young or am I too small? 

Later to make sure that I’d look more professional for my industry visits, I brought with me my blazer and was caught off guard when in one of the clinics I went to, I met one of our parents whose child is in 3rd year college. She was so worried for she thought I was there because her child has problems. I was just there to give out flyers and magazines. Now I’m confused. Do I look like a principal or a dean? 

The most epic though was that of a security guard who perhaps thought I was planning on doing something illegal  visiting all the establishments in one commercial building. He went up to see what I was doing. I looked at him in his eyes, smiled, assuring him that he can trust me and I am a “good child”.

Perceptions—- yes, our perception influences how we deal with people. I was a working student, a principal and a swindler all in a day . I guess, there are times that we tend to judge based on our first impression of people which should not be the case. As much as possible, we have to see the person as who he/she is without judging right away. Well, it takes a lot of guidance from the Lord to be able to do so. If we become too trusting, people may abuse us and if we become too tight and paranoid that everyone has hidden agenda, people may move away from us. 

It is hard I guess, but maybe, we can play up with the thought that we should treat people the way that we wanted to be treated. 

Today, find in your heart the will not to judge right away but to look in the heart. Pray that you will have a discerning heart to be able to understand. We are a God’s work in progress. So trust in him. 


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