#Day102: Thank You Mr. Hairdresser (July 30,2015,Thursday)

His name is Charlie. He doesn’t own a chocolate factory but he does make people happy. We’ve known him for more than 10 years and he never failed to bring out somewhat the “best” in us. 

Yes, his name is Charlie, my mom’s hairdresser for more than a decade now. 

Today as we had our “hair made up” I’ve seen how much his business has expanded, catering to not only the ladies but even to men, both young and old. We had to wait a little longer but it was all worth it especially seeing my mom glisten with hapinness. 

We can go to other salons which are more nearer our place but my mom feels that nothing does it best than Charlie. I know other hairdressers are equally competitive and talentled but perhaps what’s exemplary about Charile is that he was able to win my mom’s trust and live up to what he has promised—– quality service…

Trust is something that we do not get right away. People have always reservations, building walls around them to protect themselves from being hurt. 

As Christians, it is imperative that we win the trust of people so that we can better share the gift of freedom in Jesus. If we live the other way around, how do we expect people to see and feel the light? 

We are continuously being molded every day of our lives. We fail, we stand, we overcome. 

Pray that as you are molded, people will see that God is  at work in you and trust you, open up to you so you can share the good news—- in school, in your workplace or even in salons. 

Photo credit to.     http://www.hairdressersalons.org


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