#Day 103: The Search for the Ultimate Blouse (July 31,2015, Friday)

One of the challenges of getting bigger and bigger every day is the choice of clothes to wear during parties and special occasions. And I am affirming this myself as I am experiencing this as well as my mom.
I remember writing something about losing weight last month but it really requires self discipline and strong will to keep going.
Today, we had to go mall stall by mall stall to look for that blouse that my mom can wear and it was only when the department store was about to close when we finally found the “ONE.”
I was again reminded of the promise I made myself that I’d find a way to trim down and eventually have the ideal weight that I am supposed to have with the height that I have.
To keep a promise especially to ourselves requires a lot of commitment, self discipline, focus and full surrendering.
I am pretty sure that just like me, you also succumb to your old habits from time to time. While this is understandable, let us offer whatever personal struggles that we have to the Lord and ask Him to help us through this especially if our old habits will keep us from knowing him and growing in our faith. Think about it now and pray.
photo credit to http://torquemag.io/wordpress-for-beginners-too-many-choices/


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