#Day 106: Celebrating such a Wonder-a Skylierreyes Birthday Tribute part 1 (August 3,2015,Monday)

Today I give tribute to one of the coolest and gifted writers in Wattpad—-Skylierreyes as she turns a year older. (This was supposed to be out last week but just as the same, hope this will make her smile.)

Meeting Sky is one of the best things that ever happened to my wattpad world. I can vividly recall how it felt like when she pulled out all her stories from wattpad for some reasons and I was a little incomplete as a reader especially that I was left wondering what would happen to Arvin and Daphne, Sofia and Steve, my favorite stories that she wrote. 

Later on, when all her stories are back, I realized that what she did is for us, her readers— the stories are now more engaging, appealing and have  touched the hearts of the readers. She was even able to blend her stories with life thoughts especially in Bewitched where the lead had 360 Degrees turn around of his life as he prayed and asked forgiveness for his wife to survive. 

Why is Sky such a wonder? 

Well, she is a sister not only to her own siblings but even to the people who read her stories, to me and to her friends. She doesn’t make us feel that she is up there, but rather, She is a “sky” that we can reach, talk to, and be with. I might have missed the meet up but still she never changed. She is open to everything, everyone. 

Today, as we celebrate your year-long birthday, I pray that your life will shine through and that you’ll serve as a channel of God’s love as you continue to serve as an inspiration to your readers. God bless you and happy birthday. 


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