#Day 107: Super Productive and Amazing Tuesday— a Skylierreyes Birthday Tribute Part 2 (August 4,2015)

Being able to do a lot of things on a Tuesday is a blessing. You see, it is on a Tuesday that I usually have to close transactions and MOAs and a lot more. Time management is something that I should really practice if I wanted to meet my goals. 

Well, to manage one’s time is kinda challenging, but with my wattpad author and friend, Skylierreyes, it is a piece of cake. She is a super woman. 

Just imagine, she is a mom, she has a regular work, she has 4 ongoing stories, she maintains a Facebook page and a group and she has a lot more, and yet, she has time for everything– she still plays piano, replies to all the comments of her readers and so on and on. 

I guess what makes her a super woman is her ability to trust people and believe in them.  I could attest to that. Even if I was so new in “following” her, she has this gift of looking into the peron’s heart, and entrusted me to co-manage her page with another friend jen and eventually with a fellow reader Patty. ..


In life, work gets more simple and enjoyable when we collaborate with each other, when we acknowledge that we cannot do everything on our own and when we believe that others can be as good as we are and when we work together, everyone achieves more. And this is what Skylierreyes has exemplified.  

Today, take time to evaluate yourself. Are you the type of person who can’t trust people and end up doing everything?  Or a type of boss who does not empower his/her people? Or someone who is so self-centered wanting to do all on your own? Common. No man is an island. No man stands alone. 


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