#Day 108: We’ve Joined Wattys2015— a Skylierreyes Birthday Tribute Part 3 (August 5,2015, Wednesday)

We’ve been friends for almost half of the year (that long really?!) and it is only today that finally, I was able to talk to the “voice” behind my much loved story, My Unconditional Love. 

It was vibrant, energetic and full of excitement when I talked to her. Initially, I just wanted to explain briefly about wattys2015 but it ended up talking to her for a stretch of more than 10 minutes, early morning and talked about other “stuff”.

  I wanted to hear her voice  much longer but I had to work on something and she needed to edit her stories to make it to the watty’s and just before the day ends, together with another friend, MjInDisguise, we were already planning how to promote our stories as if we are in a corporation.  I guess it is just more fun to join a contest with your friends because you know that whoever wins or even if nobody from us wins, we know that we have supported each other. 

And this is what I like about Skylie—- she is very supportive not only of her family but also to us her friends. If she feels like you are on the wrong track, she’d tell you upfront and correct you. She is open to suggestions and willing to listen. 

Today, as we do an extended celebration of skylie’s birthday, we request you dear readers to Check out her stories as well as mine and our other 2 friends who’ve joined Wattys2015





We got it all covered—- spiritual, romance, humor, chick lit and everything that you need. See I’m promoting now!  🙂 

Today, find time to call a friend and tell him/her of how he/she has touched your life. Be a blessing. 


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