#Day 109: Why Skylie is much Loved— a Skyliereyes Birthday Tribute Part 4 (August 6,2015,Thursday)

Today as we prepare for an accrediting body that will evaluate if our company is people-oriented, I can’t help but recall how Skylierreyes has touched the lives of the People around her, of course including me and if the accrediting members wil evaluate her as an author, I guess, she’d get a thumbs up that indeed, she is people-oriented. 

She revised some of her stories just to make her readers happy—-most especially if they’d request for this and that. I am a writer myself and I’d affirm that it would be hard to revise the story especially if you already have the plot in mind, but with Skylie, she edits and blends her readers’ ideas with hers, making it more engaging and “kapanapanabik”. 

I was even included in her story, well my name and another friend Jen, and she was able to include us in the scene with ease and still creatively done. 

Her heart is big enough to reach out to her readers and she considers us, her friends. In her simple way, she shows her love and appreciation. 

The cover photo of this blog is from her. Despite of her busy schedule, she still finds time to “promote” my story. Hahahahah. Well, I guess, this is what Skylie is capable of doing—– being appreciative of the people around her, finding time to reach out and be available 24/7. 

Leaving a mark to people that we meet is quite challenging, but I guess, with Skylie, she leaves a mark without even trying to. 


Make today an opportunity to touch the lives of the people around you. Pray that God will shower you the patience to deal with “difficult” people and make them feel the joy of being with the Lord. Plant the seed of faith, one person at a time. 


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