#Day 113: Why I like Sundae (August 10,2015,Monday)

Whether you feel like celebrating or you want to overcome pain, a cone of Sundae will always come handy.


Made of soft icecream and mostly available in convenient stores and fastfood chains, you can buy Sundae at a very reasonable cost of Php 15.00 to Php 28.00, good enough to share with your friends.


Today, after a long tiring one, an order of Vanilla Sundae at Mini Stop was a breather.


One cone of Sundae is a sure way to bring comfort when you feel really tired or in pain or broken. I know a lot of people who would want to have a scoop of Icecream or Sundae just to get rid of it.


The sugar gives a feeling of “rush” and its coldness melts the pain away but at the end of the day, when you are by yourself, there would be times that your past will still haunt you to the point that you may find it hard to sleep.


Sundae gives temporary solution to easing the pain, but it is surrendering to the Lord that will give you unfathomable joy, that even if you are in pain, you feel peace and you know that after the storm, a rainbow appears. Challenges will make us better and by God’s grace, we will overcome.


If you are caught in a situation and you feel there’s no way out, grab a cone of Sundae, pray and surrender to God.



Photo Credit to http://www.munsterific.com/icecream2.php


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