#Day 110: When Challenges are at Hand, Smile And Pray— a Skylierreyes Birthday Tribute Part 5 (August 7,2015,Friday)

I was supposed to meet the country manager of a multinational company today for his children’s admission only to be “disheartened” when he had to reschedule the meeting next month. 

I pretty know that challenges and upsetting events come to strengthen us but there are times when they come almost every day. I thank God that he always give me the power to overcome and that he has led me to meeting people who inspire me to always be strong, and one of them is no other than the birthday girl, Skylierreyes. 

Weeks before she celebrated her birthday, sky was bombarded with a lot of “upsetting circumstances” including losing 2 of her stories in wattpad. Apparently, her stories were reported and thus caused the “stress”. As an initial reaction, sky posted some “emotional messages” which I think is kinda normal, but at the end of the day, she stood up and moved forward. She continued writing and overcame. 

I guess it is her faith in God, and her ability to smile and look at the brighter side of life that helped her continue even if she was hurt. And just like sky, we will meet people who do not like us, who will speak ill against us, and while it is true that we should also reflect on the negative things said about us, these things should not discourage us but rather inspire us to keep going. 

When challenges are at hand, smile and pray. 

Shout out to TitA Mylene, Jen and Bee who have been with Sky during the trying times and to all the other readers and supporters who are sky’s inspiration. 


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