#Day 114: It’s a Kare-kare Kind of Thing (August 11,2015, Tuesday) 

Being a tour guide has been part of my job. Well, it is not the typical kind of bringing “tourists” to different wonderful spots in the Philippines, but mine is bringing our “visitors” around the campus while explaining our school’s curriculum and showing them why we are the “best school” for their children.


Today is different though as I was a “tour guide” of our accreditors. I would admit that even if I’ve been in this work for more than five years, there was a feeling of “holding my breath” while trying to “sound as natural as possible” and in a way, it was more of a pressure.

I thank God that all throughout the tour, He never left me.


Oh well, even in simple things, He has never left me. To the point of putting words to my mouth while I talk to the accreditors, one of them is a foreigner.

I became so much at ease with her during our tour that we even talked about Kare-kare and Bagoong.


Why we talked about Kare-kare was still a wonder. But I am thankful that my love for Kare-kare made the tour even more enduring.


Today, find time to recall those simple things that God has made his presence so much felt.


Perhaps your officemate treated you for lunch, you didn’t get late in school even if you woke up late, there was a birthday celebration in your school and you had cake, you accidentally tuned in to a radio station that played your favorite song, and a lot more.


God’s presence is always felt even in ordinary things. It’s a reminder for us that in bigger challenges, He will never, ever, abandon us. We are always loved.

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