#Day 115: Bringing Home the Bacon—Cheers to Southville (August 12, 2015, Wednesday)

The long wait is over and we have received the good news!

Southville International School and Colleges, the institution I am with “ever since the day begun” (okay that was an exaggeration) was given a straight gold status of the Investors in People (IIP).

IIP is a management framework for high performance through people. Their prestigious accreditation is recognised across the world as a mark of excellence.

The gold award has proven that our leaders are doing a pretty good job in partnering with us, their people, in the delivery of quality international education across the globe and in making sure that its graduates are equipped with competence, character, creativity, commitment to achieve and collaboration—-the 5Cs that Southville has always lived up to.

Today, as I celebrate my institution’s success, I want you guys to also think about the organization you are into. Are you praying for your leaders? Are you giving your best shot with your job? Are you involved in the delivery of the mission and vision of your company? Or you just work for the sake of working.

My friends, always remember that we also glorify the Lord in how we work. So give it your best shot! Go for the gold.


*Know more about Southville at www.southville.edu.ph.
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